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Dental tourism and services in Bucharest, Romania

dental services BucharestDental care in many countries is extremely expensive, so expensive in fact that many people go without dental care because they simply cannot afford it – at least not in their own country.
High-quality dental care can be 30%-80% cheaper in Romania and we believe that if people know where to find it, they will take advantage of these cheaper rates, even if it meant traveling long distances. We also know many tourists and travelers need dental care while they’re abroad and we want to help them, here at Dan Stomatologie.
Considering a Romanian dentist is something relatively new for foreigners. After years of decline, the dental profession is now on the upswing and the country is becoming increasingly attractive to people in need of dental work.
Our office here at Dan Stomatologie, have modern equipment and we are able to provide sophisticated services ranging from prosthetic dentistry to implant treatments at a level that compares favorably to the rest of Europe.
Our cabinet location it’s downtown, near Government Building in Piata Victoriei (see map).
We are thinking also at your accommodation services in Bucharest. We can offer you special packages which include also accommodation in new furnished apartments located at short distance of our cabinet, in downtown Bucharest.
We have one advice, in case you want to visit us. Send us first a panoramic dental X-ray, or come with it in our office at your first visit.
You can see our prices at: Dental prices and costs

Also we can suggest you accommodation apartments for rent in Bucharest. Very nice, clean and quite cheap accommodation. Also closed to our cabinet.